Truth Or Dare online

Answer this:

Do you have a lot of friends of the opposite sex?
We have prapared 224 truths and dares for your pleasure to make the TOD game interesting.
This is For teens (14+)
Choice: truth

How to play Truth or Dare?

Probably most of you already know the way Truth or Dare game is played but in case you do not know there are categories the players have to choose from. These categories are all age, teen or adult. The player one has to start by pressing Truth, Dare or Both. Having read the question or dare he or she has to give an honest answer or perform a dare. In case player refuses to give the answer to the question or perform a dare he or she could ask other players to skip the dare or skip with penalty (the penalty should be known before game start. It is common for adults to take one piece of clothing off as a penalty).

You can also find more information and read about history of the game and the rules on how to play truth or dare game in Wikipedia.

Good luck!